Wood Rot Replacement in Columbus, Grove City and Pickerington

Although wood is an incredibly popular building material for both residential and commercial structures, it will eventually require removal or replacement. Years of exposure to moisture can cause wood to rot, leading to scores of problems.

When you need prompt and diligent wood rot replacement, turn to the professionals at Gutters Unlimited Of Central Ohio LLC. Beginning with a comprehensive inspection, we will carefully remove the existing rotted wood, and proceed with a meticulous installation of new material.

Our services will leave your home or business with greater durability and attractiveness than ever. Contact our professionals today and receive a free estimate for our services!


Prompt, Dependable Wood Rot Replacement and Removal

In order to occur, rot requires four conditions: a substrate— in this case wood— oxygen, warmth, and moisture. Overtime, exposure to the elements and poor ventilation can cause rot to form in even the most well-treated lumber. The effects of wood rot are numerous and serious, and can include significant structural damage, pest infestation, and even health hazards.

Fortunately, the contractors at Gutters Unlimited Of Central Ohio LLC offer swift, rapid replacement of rotted wood in your home or business’s property. Whether your rot is occurring in your structure’s trim, cladding, soffit, fascia, door frame, or window frame, we have the knowledge and resources to tackle the issue.

Our wood and trim replacement uses the highest quality materials as well as the latest equipment and hardware to ensure excellent results. Not only will we remove all signs of rot, but our installations will help to safeguard against future rotting.

To schedule a rot inspection, reach out to one of our professionals today!

Rotted Wood Replacement Using Durable, Top-Quality Wood Products

When we arrive at your home or business’s property, we will begin with a detailed inspection and assessment of the wood in question. Having served homes and business locations in all industries, we are expertly familiar with a wide variety of buildings and locations.

If the rotted wood is past the point of repair, we will proceed with a diligent wood replacement. We carefully remove the existing wood, leaving undamaged portions if possible. We will then replace the removed portion, selecting the material which will perfectly match the rotted section.

We use the highest quality lumber products, all of which are specially treated to resist rot.

Qualified, Dependable Contractors in Rotted Wood Replacements

Each of our highly professional contractors has years of dependable experience in a wide variety of services. We are pleased to provide commercial and residential clients with prompt availabilities, great rates, and an excellent approach to customer service.

We are fully licensed and bonded for our services, and work with the best available products and materials.

Our goal is to meet and exceed the goals of every client, every time!

Strengthen and Maintain Your Home or Business with Prompt Rot Removal

At the first sign of rot, contact Gutters Unlimited Of Central Ohio LLC to schedule an immediate inspection.

Working quickly and diligently, we quickly restore your structure to its original strength and appearance.

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